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The ATLAS Collection presents a particular "view" into our database. It regroups together all catalogues that may be of particular interest to the ATLAS experiment. If searching here does not give you expected results, please try to search from the Search by Collection home.
If you are an active ATLAS physicist but you are not able to access restricted ATLAS collections on CDS, such as ATLAS Communications or ATLAS Internal Notes, please read the Access to Protected ATLAS Information page or contact ATLAS Info-Protection@cern.ch.


Limiter par collection:
ATLAS Papers (916)
ATLAS Reports (35)
ATLAS Conference Notes (999)
ATLAS Notes (8,707)
ATLAS Scientific Notes (71)
ATLAS Theses (2,173)
ATLAS Conference Slides (9,330)
ATLAS Videos (596)
ATLAS Footage (0)
ATLAS Photos (2,329)
ATLAS Event Displays (13)
ATLAS eNews (250)
ATLAS Preprints (2,438)
ATLAS Internal (28,708)