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The CERN/ISOLDE Laser Ion Source / Marsh, B A (CERN) ; Fedosseev, V N (CERN) ; Chrysalidis, K (CERN) ; Day Goodacre, T (CERN) ; Larmonier, P (CERN) ; Rossel, R E (CERN) ; Rothe, S (CERN) ; Seiffert, C (CERN) ; Wendt, K (Mainz U., Inst. Phys.)
Laser resonance photo-ionization an essential aspect of radioactive ion beam production for fundamental and applied physics research. The laser ion source of the ISOLDE facility, described here, is the most versatile of its type worldwide..
2017 - Published in : 10.1364/CLEO_SI.2017.SF1K.5 External link: Fulltext

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PcInterlock: Implementation and Operational Experience with the Optics Interlock / Schaumann, Michaela (CERN) ; Calia, Andrea (CERN) ; Fuchsberger, Kajetan (CERN) ; Wenninger, Jorg (CERN)
In 2016 the luminosity reach of the LHC was increased by reducing the β-function in the main collision points below the design value to β∗ = 40 cm. [...]
- 2018. - 19 p.

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Investigation of the RF efficiency of inductively coupled hydrogen plasmas at 1 MHz / Rauner, D (Garching, Max Planck Inst. Plasmaphys. ; U. Augsburg (main)) ; Mattei, S (CERN ; CRPP, Lausanne) ; Briefi, S (U. Augsburg (main)) ; Fantz, U ; Hatayama, A (Garching, Max Planck Inst. Plasmaphys. ; U. Augsburg (main)) ; Lettry, J (CERN) ; Nishida, K (Keio U.) ; Tran, M Q (CRPP, Lausanne)
The power requirements of RF heated sources for negative hydrogen ions in fusion are substantial, which poses strong demands on the generators and components of the RF circuit. Consequently, an increase of the RF coupling efficiency would be highly beneficial. [...]
2017 - 8 p. - Published in : AIP Conf. Proc. 1869 (2017) 030035
In : 5th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources, Oxford, United Kingdom, 12 - 16 Sep 2016, pp.030035

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Numerical simulation of the RF plasma discharge in the Linac4 H$^−$ ion source / Mattei, S (CERN ; CRPP, Lausanne) ; Nishida, K (Keio U.) ; Onai, M (Keio U.) ; Lettry, J (CERN) ; Tran, M Q (CRPP, Lausanne) ; Hatayama, A (Keio U.)
This paper presents a Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo Collision simulation of the Radio-Frequency (RF) plasma heating in the Linac4 H$^−$ ion source at CERN. The model self-consistently takes into account the electromagnetic field generated by the RF coil, the external static magnetic fields and the resulting plasma response, including a kinetic description of the charged species (e$^−$, H$^+$, H$^+_2$, H$^+_3$, H$^−$), as well as the atomic and molecular (vibrationally resolved) populations. [...]
2017 - 7 p. - Published in : AIP Conf. Proc. 1869 (2017) 030018
In : 5th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources, Oxford, United Kingdom, 12 - 16 Sep 2016, pp.030018

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Influence of the cusp field on the plasma parameters of the Linac4 H− ion source / Briefi, S (U. Augsburg (main)) ; Mattei, S (CERN) ; Lettry, J (CERN) ; Fantz, U (U. Augsburg (main) ; Garching, Max Planck Inst. Plasmaphys.)
When the H$^−$ ion source of CERN’s Linac4 is operated in volume mode, a maximum of the extracted current is obtained at varying RF power. The power required for this maximum and its absolute value is strongly influenced by the cusp magnets installed at the source for electron confinement: without magnets, 15−20 mA are typically obtained at 20 kW whereas with magnets a factor of two more power is needed and 25−30 mA are achieved. [...]
2017 - 10 p. - Published in : AIP Conf. Proc. 1869 (2017) 030016
In : 5th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources, Oxford, United Kingdom, 12 - 16 Sep 2016, pp.030016

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LHCb Upgrades and operation at 1034 cm-2 s-1 luminosity –A first study / Efthymiopoulos, Ilias (CERN) ; Arduini, Gianluigi (CERN) ; Baglin, Vincent (CERN) ; Burkhardt, Helmut (CERN) ; Cerutti, Francesco (CERN) ; Claudet, Serge (CERN) ; Di Girolamo, Beniamino (CERN) ; De Maria, Riccardo (CERN) ; Esposito, Luigi Salvatore (CERN) ; Karastathis, Nikos (CERN) et al.
Presently, the LHCb experiment at IP8 operates at reduced luminosity (~4.0 1032 cm-2 s-1) compared to ATLAS and CMS experiments. [...]
- 2018.

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A conceptual solution for a beam halo collimation system for the Future Circular hadron–hadron Collider (FCC-hh) / Fiascaris, M (CERN) ; Bruce, R (CERN) ; Redaelli, S (CERN)
We present the first conceptual solution for a collimation system for the hadron–hadron option of the Future Circular Collider (FCC-hh). The collimation layout is based on the scaling of the present Large Hadron Collider collimation system to the FCC-hh energy and it includes betatron and momentum cleaning, as well as dump protection collimators and collimators in the experimental insertions for protection of the final focus triplet magnets. [...]
2018 - 11 p. - Published in : Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res., A 894 (2018) 96-106 Fulltext: PDF;

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Design of LEIR Transfer Lines / Carli, Ch ; Chanel, M ; Hemery, J-Y
The LEIR transfer lines are designed to transport the ion beam from the Linac 3 to LEIR and, after accumulation and acceleration from LEIR to the PS. [...]
PIL-LEIR-Note-011 ; CERN-PS-AE-NOTE-2002-218.
- 2002. - 12 p.
Full text

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What is the best displacement transducer for a seismic sensor? / Novotny, Peter (CERN ; Savoie U. (main)) ; Aimard, Benjamin (Annecy, LAPP) ; Balik, Gael (Annecy, LAPP) ; Brunetti, Laurent (Annecy, LAPP) ; Caron, Bernard (Savoie U. (main)) ; Gaddi, Andrea (CERN)
This paper presents a development of a seismic sensor for the future Compact Linear Collider (CLIC). Sensor in which three different types of sub-nanometre displacement transducers have been integrated: a Fabry-Pérot interferometer, an optical encoder and a capacitive transducer. [...]
2017 - 4 p. - Published in : 10.1109/ISISS.2017.7935672
In : 4th IEEE International Symposium on Inertial Sensors & Systems, Kauai, Hawai, USA, 27 - 30 Mar 2017, pp.121-124

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HE-LHC Optics Development / Cai, Yunhai (SLAC) ; Nosochkov, Yuri (SLAC) ; Giovannozzi, Massimo (CERN) ; Risselada, Thys (CERN) ; Todesco, Ezio (CERN) ; Zhou, Demin (KEK, Tsukuba) ; Zimmermann, Frank (CERN)
2017 - 11 p. - Published in : ICFA Beam Dyn. Newsl.: 72 (2017) , pp. 141-151 Fulltext: PDF;

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