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Test of lepton universality in beauty-quark decays / LHCb Collaboration
The Standard Model of particle physics currently provides our best description of fundamental particles and their interactions. [...]
arXiv:2103.11769 ; LHCb-PAPER-2021-004 ; CERN-EP-2021-042 ; LHCB-PAPER-2021-004.
- 2021. - 36 p.
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Search for $CP$ violation in $D_{(s)}^{+}\rightarrow h^{+}\pi^{0}$ and $D_{(s)}^{+}\rightarrow h^{+}\eta$ decays / LHCb Collaboration
Searches for $CP$ violation in the two-body decays $D_{(s)}^{+}\rightarrow h^{+}\pi^{0}$ and $D_{(s)}^{+} \rightarrow h^{+}\eta$ (where $h^{+}$ denotes a $\pi^{+}$ or $K^{+}$ meson) are performed using $pp$ collision data collected by the LHCb experiment corresponding to either 9 fb$^{-1}$ or 6 fb$^{-1}$ of integrated luminosity. [...]
arXiv:2103.11058 ; LHCb-PAPER-2021-001 ; CERN-EP-2021-036 ; LHCB-PAPER-2021-001.
- 2021. - 25 p, 25 p.
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Measurement of prompt-production cross-section ratio $\sigma(\chi_{c2})/\sigma(\chi_{c1})$ in $p$Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 8.16 TeV / LHCb Collaboration
This Letter reports the first measurement of prompt $\chi_{c1}$ and $\chi_{c2}$ charmonium production in nuclear collisions at LHC energies. [...]
arXiv:2103.07349 ; LHCb-PAPER-2020-048 ; CERN-EP-2021-024F ; LHCB-PAPER-2020-048.
- 2021. - 18 p.
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Precise measurement of the $f_s/f_d$ ratio of fragmentation fractions and of $B^0_s$ decay branching fractions / LHCb Collaboration
The ratio of the $B^0_s$ and $B^0$ fragmentation fractions, $f_s/f_d$, in proton-proton collisions at the LHC, is obtained as a function of $B$-meson transverse momentum and collision centre-of-mass energy from the combined analysis of different $B$-decay channels measured by the LHCb experiment. [...]
arXiv:2103.06810 ; LHCb-PAPER-2020-046 ; CERN-EP-2021-027 ; LHCB-PAPER-2020-046.
- 2021. - 33 p.
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Observation of the decay $\Lambda_{b}^0\to\chi_{c1} p \pi^-$ / LHCb Collaboration
The Cabibbo-suppressed decay $\Lambda_b^0\rightarrow\chi_{c1}p\pi^-$ is observed for the first time using data from proton-proton collisions corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 6fb$^{-1}$, collected with the LHCb detector at a centre-of-mass energy of 13TeV. [...]
arXiv:2103.04949 ; CERN-EP-2021-037 ; LHCb-PAPER-2021-003 ; LHCB-PAPER-2021-003.
- 2021. - 21 p.
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Forecasting performance in particle identification with potential TOF detectors at HL-LHC / Maire, Antonin (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien (FR))
The document addresses comparative performances expected for various configurations of Time-Of-Flight detectors, for several CERN experiments (ALICE-1, ALICE-3, ATLAS, CMS). [...]
CERN-OPEN-2021-003 ; CERN-PH-EP-2021-ANA-1073.
- 2021. - 103 p.

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Observation of new resonances decaying to $J/ \psi K^{+}$and $J \psi\phi$ / LHCb Collaboration
The first observation of exotic states with a new quark content ccus decaying to the $J/\psi K^{+}$ final state is reported with high significance from an amplitude analysis of the $B^{+} \to J/\psi \phi K^{+} $ decay [...]
arXiv:2103.01803 ; LHCb-PAPER-2020-044 ; CERN-EP-2021-025 ; LHCB-PAPER-2020-044.
- 2021. - 18 p.
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Angular analysis of the $B^{+}\rightarrow K^{\ast+}\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ decay
We present an angular analysis of the $B^{+}\rightarrow K^{\ast+}(\rightarrow K_{S}^{0}\pi^{+})\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ decay using 9$\,\mbox{fb}^{-1}$ of $pp$ collision data collected with the LHCb experiment. [...]
arXiv:2012.13241 ; LHCb-PAPER-2020-041 ; CERN-EP-2020-239.
- 2021. - 35 p.
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Evidence of a $J/\psi \varLambda$ structure and observation of excited $\varXi^-$ states in the $\varXi_b^-\to J/\psi \varLambda K^-$ decay / LHCb Collaboration
First evidence of a structure in the $J/\psi \varLambda$ invariant mass distribution is obtained from an amplitude analysis of $\varXi_b^- \to J/\psi \varLambda K^-$ decays. [...]
arXiv:2012.10380 ; LHCb-PAPER-2020-039 ; CERN-EP-2020-233.
- 2021. - 20 p.
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Measurement of $C\!P$ observables in $B^\pm \to D^{(*)} K^\pm$ and $B^\pm \to D^{(*)} \pi^\pm$ decays using two-body $D$ final states / LHCb Collaboration
Measurements of $C\!P$ observables in $B^\pm \rightarrow D^{(*)} K^\pm$ and $B^\pm \rightarrow D^{(*)} \pi^\pm$ decays are presented, where $D^{(*)}$ indicates a neutral $D$ or $D^*$ meson that is an admixture of meson and anti-meson states. [...]
arXiv:2012.09903 ; LHCb-PAPER-2020-036 ; CERN-EP-2020-225 ; LHCB-PAPER-2020-036.
- 2020. - 36 p.
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