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LHCb $\gamma$ combination /LHCb Collaboration
The latest results from the LHCb $\gamma$ combination are presented for the 2020 LHCb Implications Workshop. New and updated inputs from $B^+ \to Dh^+$ ($D\to h^+h^-$), $B^+ \to Dh^+$ ($D \to K^0_{\rm S} h^+h^-$), $B^+ \to Dh^+$ ($D \to K^0_{\rm S} K^+ \pi^-$), $B^+ \to D^*h^+$ ($D\to h^+h^-$), $B^0 \to D K^{*0}$ ($D\to h^+h^-$) and $B^0_s \to D^\mp_s K^\pm \pi^\mp \pi^\pm$ ($D^+_s \to h^+ h^- \pi^+$) decays are included. [...]
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-017.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - 1.

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RTA and DPA dataflow diagrams for Run 1, Run 2, and the upgraded LHCb detector /LHCb Collaboration
We present diagrams illustrating the Run 3 RTA (online) and DPA (offline) data processing flows for the upgraded LHCb detector. We also present historical dataflows for the Run 1 and Run 2 online processing flows..
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-016.- Geneva : CERN, 11 - mult. page. Fulltext: PDF;

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LHCb calorimeter simulation using a library of energy deposits /LHCb Collaboration
We compare preliminary results from the fast simulation of the LHCb calorimeter, using a library of energy deposits, with the output from the nominal simulation based on Geant4. We describe the transformations applied to the energy deposits of the library to match the position and kinematic properties of the particle entering the calorimeter..
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-015.- Geneva : CERN, 27 - 6. Fulltext: LHCb-FIGURE-2020-015 - PDF; LHCb-FIGURE-2020-015_plots - ZIP;

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Performance of the GPU HLT1 (Allen) /LHCb Collaboration
We present the performance of the GPU implementation of LHCb’s first level High Level Trigger (Allen). This figure updates the previous report of the GPU HLT1 performance, documented in LHCb-FIGURE-2019-009..
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-014.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - 9. Fulltext: lhcb_figure_2020-014 - PDF; LHCb-FIGURE-2020-014 - ZIP;

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Deuteron PID performance in LHCb simulation /LHCb Collaboration
Measurements of anti-deuteron production at HEP experiments can help to constrain systematic uncertainties in indirect dark matter searches. In this document, performance of deuteron identification in LHCb simulation is presented..
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-013.- Geneva : CERN, 03 - 8. Fulltext: LHCb-FIGURE-2020-013-figs - ZIP; LHCb_FIGURE_2020_013 - PDF;

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Global PID performance for charged particles /LHCb Collaboration
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-012.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - Mult.p.

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Reconstruction, calibration, and PID performance for photons and neutral pions /LHCb Collaboration
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-011.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - Mult.p.

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Muon track reconstruction efficiency at LHCb /LHCb Collaboration
The determination of track reconstruction efficiencies at LHCb using $J/\psi\rightarrow\mu^+\mu^-$ decays for the 2015 and 2018 data-taking years is presented. The results are alsocompared to the 2012 data-taking year. [...]
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-010.- Geneva : CERN, 19 - 6. Fulltext: LHCb-FIGURE-2020-010.tar (002) - ZIP; LHCb-FIGURE-2020-010 - PDF;

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Impact of the $Z\to\mu^+\mu^-$ alignment on the $Z$ mass resolution at LHCb /LHCb Collaboration
This document reports the improvement in Z mass resolution with the application of a version of the LHCb detector alignment developed using $Z \to \mu^+\mu^-$ decays. The new alignment is tested on a sample of data collected by LHCb at centre-of-mass energy $\sqrt{s} = 13\,TeV$, during the year 2016 of data taking [...]
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-009.- Geneva : CERN, 19 - 3. Fulltext: LHCb-FIGURE-2020-009 - PDF; LHCb-FIGURE-2020-009-Zalignment - PDF.ZIP;

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Selected HLT reconstruction performance for the LHCb upgrade /LHCb Collaboration
The performance of the CPU HLT1 algorithm is shown in track reconstruction efficiency, fake rate, resolutions, and muon identification rates. Additionally, we show the performance of the stand-alone tracking algorithm related to the SciFi (seeding), in terms of efficiency and fake rates..
LHCB-FIGURE-2020-008.- Geneva : CERN, 30 - 10. Fulltext: LHCb-FIGURE-2020-008 - PDF; lhcb-figure-2020-008 - ZIP;

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