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n_TOF Theses

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Study of the $^{240}$Pu(n,f) and $^{237}$Np(n,f) reaction cross sections at the new experimental area (EAR2) of the CERN n_TOF facility / Stamatopoulos, Athanasios
The research that was conducted in the framework of the present thesis dealt with the study of neutron-induced fission cross-sections, namely the $^{240}$Pu(n,f) and the $^{237}$Np(n,f) ones [...]
CERN-THESIS-2019-260 - 284 p.

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Radiative neutron capture on $^{242}$Pu: addressing the target accuracies for innovative nuclear systems (Cross section measurements at the CERN n_TOF and BRR neutron beams from thermal to 500 keV) / Lerendegui Marco, Jorge
A low-carbon energy oulook to mitigate the impact of climate change requires the progressive replacement of fossil fuel technologies by sources with low CO$_{2}$ emissions [...]
CERN-THESIS-2018-361 - 252 p.

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Scintillation Light Detection and Application of Silicon Photomultipliers in Imaging Calorimetry and Positron Emission Tomography / Tadday, Klaus Alexander
This thesis deals with the weak light signals created in organic and inorganic scintillators, and their detection with silicon photomultipliers (SiPM) [...]
157 p.

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Study of fast radiation-detectors based on fast halide scintillator crystals and their application to the CERN n_TOF experiment / Robles, Maria
CERN-THESIS-2016-399 - 196 p.

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Measuring the energies and multiplicities of prompt gamma-ray emissions from neutron-induced fission of $^{235}$U using the STEFF spectrometer / Ryan, James Andrew
Following a NEA high priority nuclear data request, an experimental campaign to measure the prompt $\gamma$-ray emissions from $^{235}$U has been performed [...]
CERN-THESIS-2017-354 - 177 p.

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Development of the STEFF detector for the neutron Time Of Flight facility (n_TOF), CERN / Warren, Stuart
Signicant work has been performed on the development of STEFF (SpecTrometer for Exotic Fission Fragments), a 2E2V (2-Energy 2-Velocity) spectrometer built by the University of Manchester Fission Group [...]
CERN-THESIS-2016-368 - 236 p.

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Measurement of the $^{242}$Pu(n,f) reaction cross-section at the CERN n_TOF facility / Tsinganis, Andrea
The accurate knowledge of relevant nuclear data, such as the neutron-induced fission cross sections of various plutonium isotopes and other minor actinides, is crucial for the design of advanced nuclear systems as well as the development of comprehensive theoretical models of the fission process [...]
CERN-THESIS-2014-385 -

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Etude de la production cohérente des systèmes de 2,3 et 5 pions par des $n^{+}$ de 11,7 GeV/c / Arnold, Roger
FRNC-TH-404. - 1972. - 135 p.

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Untersuchung der Eigenschaften neutraler Stroeme in der semileptonischen inklusiven Neutrino und Antineutrino Nukleon Wechselwirkung / Kroger, Bernd
In the dechromatic neutron beam of the CERN-SPS results obtained with the CHARM detector from the deep inelastic inclusive neutrino-nucleon scattering were analyzed according to following reactions: #betta#sub(μ)(anti #betta#sub(μ))+N->μ-(μ+) + hadrons and #betta#sub(μ)(anti #betta#sub(μ))+ [...]
INIS-mf-8533. - 1981. - 99 p.

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Untersuchung der schwachen geladenen Stroeme in der inklusiven Neutrino-Nukleon-Streuung bei hohen Energien / Grote, Hartwig
In the present thesis the total cross sections sigma(#betta#N->μX) and the differential cross sections dsigma/dy(#betta#N->μX) of the deep inelastic neutrino-nucleon scattering in the energy range from 20 to 200 GeV were studied [...]
INIS-mf-8532. - 1981. - 119 p.

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