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Standing Concertation Committee
Comité de concertation permanent
/ HR Department
Ordinary Meeting on 11 May 2009 The meeting of the Standing Concertation Committee held on 11 May 2009 was entirely dedicated to the preparation of the TREF meeting on 19 & 20 May 2009. The Committee took note, discussed and agreed on some clarifications on a number of documents and presentations that the Management planned to submit and/or present to TREF on the following subjects: • Personnel statistics 2008: J [...]
BUL-ON-2009-036; 28/2009; 29/2009.- 2009 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 28/2009 29/2009

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01 Oct 2000
Keywords: HR Division
Did you say “glacial”?
À quand le « dégel » ?
/ Stephanie Hills
“The situation is improving very slowly, but it’s glacial.” This is Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s depressing assessment of the effects of the many and varied initiatives to increase the number of women working in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers in the UK.   Speaking at CERN as part of our own drive to increase diversity, the internationally renowned astronomer and passionate campaigner for increasing the number of women pursuing STEM careers emphasised the importance of tackling the problem at government level. [...]
BUL-NA-2013-235.- 2013 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 46/2013 47/2013
Equal opportunities in diversity
Égalité dans la diversité
/ Laëtitia Pedroso
Promoting equal opportunities at CERN and advising the Director-General on all related matters is the task of the Equal Opportunities Officer, Doris Chromek-Burckhart, and Tim Smith, chair of the Equal Opportunities Advisory Panel. Changes are being introduced: in future, the focus of their work will be broadened to cover all aspects of diversity promotion [...]
BUL-NA-2010-021.- 2010 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 06/2010 07/2010 Fulltext: silouhettes_image - JPG; silouhettes(1)_image - JPG;
Dirk Bakker 1947 – 2009
Dirk Bakker 1947 – 2009
Dirk Bakker, far left, with his colleagues in the former AB-CO group during a test of new prototype consoles for the CERN Control Centre in 2005.It was with great sorrow that we learnt of the death of our colleague Dirk, taken too quickly by an incurable illness against which he fought with courage and dignity. Dirk arrived at CERN on 16 April, 1972 and spent nearly 36 years in the accelerator sector [...]
BUL-NA-2009-053; 13/2009; 14/2009.- 2009 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 13/2009 14/2009
What is it really like to work in a diverse organization like CERN?
Travailler au CERN, organisation ouverte à la diversité
/ The Recruitment Unit
Genevieve Guinot, head of the diversity office, answers some questions about what it is really like to work in a diverse organization like CERN.   A video of some of the many women at CERN who have broken down barriers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics [...]
BUL-NA-2016-056.- 2016 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 13/2016 14/2016
The LHC inauguration in pictures - LHCfest
L’inauguration du LHC en images - LHCfest
After the VIPs had left, 3000 other ‘very important people’ turned up to celebrate at the LHCfest. The party for CERN personnel involved in the LHC was a huge success and very popular. [...]
BUL-NA-2008-217; 45/2008; 46/2008.- 2008 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 45/2008 46/2008
Creativity at the Film-Making Club: Let there be light!
Le Film-Making Club et la création : « Que la lumière soit »
The Film-Making Club was created in 2005, and already has ten short films to its credit. Spotlight on a club that does more than making movies! Making a film requires solid teamwork and genuine commitment [...]
BUL-NA-2008-146; 41/2008; 42/2008.- 2008 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 41/2008 42/2008
Good fortune for CERN theorists
La Grille est opérationnelle : c’est officiel
Awards aplenty for one CERN theorist as he wins the Amaldi Medal and is one of two theoreticians from CERN to be awarded the European Research Council’s ‘advanced grant’ Sergio Ferrara showing his Amaldi medal. Ignatios Antoniadis.On 22 September at the congress of the Italian Society of General Relativity and Gravitation (SIGRAV), CERN theorist Sergio Ferrara was awarded the Amaldi Medal, the European prize for general relativity and gravitational physics [...]
BUL-NA-2008-152; 43/2008; 44/2008.- 2008 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 43/2008 44/2008
Celebrating diversity at CERN
Célébrons la diversité au CERN
With international women’s day coming up on 8 March, along with the recent appointment of a new Diversity Programme Leader, it seems timely to take a look at how far we’ve come over recent years in promoting gender equality at CERN. In short, the news is good, but we still have some way to travel [...]
BUL-NA-2014-038.- 2014 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 10/2014 11/2014

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