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SIGRUM - A SUPERCONDUCTING ION GANTRY WITH RIBONI’S UNCONVENTIONAL MECHANICS / Amaldi, Ugo (TERA Foundation (IT)) ; Alharbi, Nader (TERA Foundation (IT)) ; Benedetto, Elena (SEEIIST Association (CH)) ; Riboni, Pierluigi (TERA Foundation (IT)) ; Vaziri, Mohammad (TERA Foundation) ; Aguglia, Davide (CERN) ; Ferrentino, Vittorio (Universita e sezione INFN di Napoli (IT)) ; Le Godec, Gilles (CERN) ; Karppinen, Mikko (CERN) ; Perini, Diego (CERN) et al.
This report describes the conceptual design of a 430 MeV/u carbon ion gantry that is based on superconducting (SC) magnets and features a novel mechanical support [...]
CERN-ACC-NOTE-2021-0014 ; NIMMS-Note-002.
- 2021. - 34 p.
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Considerations for a RF separated K+ beam for NA62 / Appleby, Robert Barrie (University of Manchester (GB)) ; Bernhard, Johannes (CERN) ; Dainton, John Bourke (Lancaster University (GB)) ; Gatignon, Lau (Lancaster University (GB)) ; Goudzovski, Evgueni (University of Birmingham (GB)) ; Burton, Graeme Alan ; Jones, Rhodri (CERN) ; Lazzeroni, Cristina (University of Birmingham (GB)) ; Romano, Angela (University of Birmingham (GB)) ; Ruggiero, Gennaro et al.
In this document we assess the potential of RF separation to increase the kaon content of the high-intensity secondary beam to the NA62 experiment in the CERN North Area. [...]
- 2021. - 38 p.
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Sextupole scheme optimization for HL–LHC / Plassard, Fabien ; De Maria, Riccardo (CERN) ; Giovannozzi, Massimo (CERN)
One essential upgrade of the High Luminosity LHC (HL–LHC) to reach the desired luminosity, is the large reduction of the β-function value at the interaction points (IP) hosting the high-luminosity experiments ATLAS and CMS. [...]
- 2021.

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The Linac4 Source Autopilot / Hrabia, Michal (CERN) ; Noll, Daniel (ESS - European Spallation Source (SE)) ; Peryt, Maciej (CERN) ; Scrivens, Richard (CERN)
The Linac4 Source Autopilot improves the stability, uptime and monitoring of the Linac4 source, by using high level automation to control and monitor the device parameters of the source. [...]
- 2021. - 17 p.
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Nonlinear optics measurements in IOTA / Hofer, Michael (CERN) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN) ; Stancari, Giulio (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)) ; Romanov, Aleksandr (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US)) ; Kuklev, Nikita (The University of Chicago) ; Szustkowski, Sebastian (Northern Illinois University (US)) ; Valishev, Alexander (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))
Nonlinear integrable optics is a recently proposed accelerator lattice design approach which allows to generate an amplitude dependent tune shift which is needed in high brightness accelerators to mitigate fast coherent instabilities. [...]
CERN-ACC-NOTE-2021-0010 ; Fermilab-FN-1119-AD.
- 2021. - 34 p.
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Linac4 source extraction re-design for higher current operation / Bellodi, Giulia (CERN) ; De Grandsaignes D'Hauterives, Herve Josselin (Université Paris-Saclay (FR)) ; Noll, Daniel (ESS - European Spallation Source (SE))
At the end of LS2, Linac4 will become the new injector of proton beams to the entire CERN accelerator complex. [...]
- 2021. - 11 p.
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LHC 3324: Counteracting coupling decay at injection, / Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn (CERN) ; Maclean, Ewen Hamish (CERN) ; Hulpers, Fredrik ; Solfaroli Camillocci, Matteo (CERN) ; Hofer, Michael (CERN) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN) ; Garcia-Tabares Valdivieso, Ana (Universidad Complutense (ES))
The b3 spool-pieces are corrector sextupole magnets (MCS), are designed to correct the b3-error of the main dipoles. [...]
- 2021. - 22 p.

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Simulation for mitigating dilution kicker high voltage flashover incidents / Loebner, Alina Melaschenko (Aarhus University (DK))
The bachelor’s thesis covers the development of the project “Simulation for mitigating dilution kicker high voltage flashover incidents” made at CERN. [...]
- 2021. - 52 p.
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Simulations of Sextupolar Contribution to Amplitude Detuning in the LHC / Soubelet, Felix Pol Gaston (University of Liverpool (GB)) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN) ; Persson, Tobias Hakan Bjorn (CERN)
Nonlinear dynamics can impact circular machines’ performance and stability. [...]
- 2021. - 10 p.
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Measured Phase Error Dependency on BPM Type and Location in the LHC / Soubelet, Felix Pol Gaston (University of Liverpool (GB)) ; Tomas Garcia, Rogelio (CERN)
Beam Position Monitor measurement data are the primary source of optics properties computation for particle accelerators. [...]
- 2021. - 11 p.
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