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Implementation of ICRP116 Fluence to Effective Dose Conversion Coefficients in a FLUKA user routine / Bozzato, Davide ; Froeschl, Robert (CERN)
The estimation of the effective dose from the prompt radiation of a high energy and mixed radiation field is an important aspect of radiation protection at accelerator facilities. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2023-009 ; EDMS2439884.
- 2020. - 23 p.

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Correction factor for the number of incident protons using correlation between SEC1 and PMIEA822 radiation monitor in the CHARM during Run 2 / Lee, Eunji (KEK) ; Sanami, Toshiya (KEK) ; Shiyo, Nobuhiro (Kyushu Univ) ; Kajimoto, Tsuyoshi (Hiroshima Univ) ; Froeschl, Robert (CERN)
In the CHARM facility, the beam intensity is obtained from the counts in the secondary emission chamber, denoted as SEC1. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2023-005 ; EDMS2810101.
- 2022. - 19 p.

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Wavelet-based Noise Extraction for Anomaly Detection Applied to Safety-critical Electronics at CERN / Waldhauser, Felix (CERN ; Stuttgart U.) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN) ; Dazer, Martin (Stuttgart U.)
Due to the possible damage caused by unforeseen failures of safety-critical systems, it is crucial to maintain these systems appropriately to ensure high reliability and availability. If numerous units of a system are installed in various areas and permanent access is not guaranteed, remote, data-driven condition monitoring methods can be used to schedule maintenance actions and to prevent unexpected failures. [...]
2022 - 8 p. Fulltext: PDF;
In : 32nd European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2022), Dublin, Ireland, 28 Aug - 1 Sep 2022, pp.1844-1851

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The DORIAN code for the prediction and analysis of residual dose rates due to accelerator radiation induced activation / Froeschl, Robert (CERN)
The estimation of residual dose rates at accelerator facilities is an important task for operational radiation protection. [...]
- 2013. - 5 p.

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ROMULUSLib: An Autonomous, TCP/IP-Based, Multi-Architecture C Networking Library for DAQ and Control Applications / Yadav, Amitabh (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Ceesay-Seitz, Katharina (CERN) ; Gerber, Nicola (CERN ; CSEM, Neuchatel) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN)
The new generation of Radiation Monitoring electronics developed at CERN, called the CERN RadiatiOn Monitoring Electronics (CROME), is a Zynq-7000 SoC-based Data Acquisition and Control system that replaces the previous generation to offer a higher safety standard, flexible integration and parallel communication with devices installed throughout the CERN complex. A TCP/IP protocol based C networking library, ROMULUSlib, was developed that forms the interface between CROME and the SCADA supervision software through the ROMULUS protocol. [...]
2022 - 8 p. - Published in : JACoW ICALEPCS2021 (2022) 69-76 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 18th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, Online, 18 - 22 Oct 2021, pp.69-76

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RomLibEmu: Network Interface Stress Tests for the CERN Radiation Monitoring Electronics (CROME) / Ceesay-Seitz, Katharina (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Leveneur, Marvin (CERN) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN)
The CERN RadiatiOn Monitoring Electronics are a modular safety system for radiation monitoring that is remotely configurable through a supervisory system via a custom protocol on top of a TCP/IP connection. The configuration parameters influence the safety decisions taken by the system. [...]
2022 - 5 p. - Published in : JACoW ICALEPCS2021 (2022) 581-585 Fulltext: PDF;
In : 18th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems, Online, 18 - 22 Oct 2021, pp.581-585

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Formal Property Verification of the Digital Section of an Ultra-Low Current Digitizer ASIC / Ceesay-Seitz, Katharina (CERN) ; Kundumattathil Mohanan, Sarath (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN)
This paper details our experience with Formal Property Verification (FPV) of the digital section of a mixed-signal Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) for ultra-low current measurements. The ASIC was developed as a prototype front-end for the future version of the CERN RadiatiOn Monitoring Electronics (CROME), which is a safety-critical system. [...]
2021 Fulltext: PDF; Poster: PDF;
In : Design and Verification Conference in Europe, Online, Germany, 26 - 27 Oct 2021

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Study of an Air Curtain in the Context of Individual Protection from Exposure to Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Contained in Cough-Generated Fluid Particles / Sakharov, Alexandre (Manhattan College (US) ; CERN) ; Zhukov, Konstantin (Russian Academy of Sciences (RU) ; CERN)
The ongoing respiratory COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the social and private lives of the majority of the global population. This infection is primarily transmitted via virus-laden fluid particles (i.e., droplets and aerosols) that are formed in the respiratory tract of infected individuals and expelled from the mouth in the course of breathing, talking, coughing, and sneezing. [...]
CERN-OPEN-2021-005.- Geneva : CERN, 2020 - 12 p. - Published in : Physics 2 (2020) 340-351 Article: PDF;

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Modelling airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2: Risk assessment for enclosed spaces / Henriques, Andre (CERN) ; Rognlien, Markus Kongstein (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (NO)) ; Devine, James (CERN) ; Azzopardi, Gabriella (CERN) ; Mounet, Nicolas (CERN) ; Elson, Philip James (CERN) ; Andreini, Marco (CERN) ; Tarocco, Nicola (CERN)
The global crisis triggered by the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has highlighted the need for a proper risk assessment of respiratory pathogens in indoor settings, due to their potential for airborne transmission. [...]
- 2021. - 36 p.
Full text

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A Functional Verification Methodology for Highly Parametrizable, Continuously Operating Safety-Critical FPGA Designs: Applied to the CERN RadiatiOn Monitoring Electronics (CROME) / Ceesay-Seitz, Katharina (CERN) ; Boukabache, Hamza (CERN) ; Perrin, Daniel (CERN)
Electronic systems that are related to human safety need to comply to strict international standards such as the IEC 61508. We present a functional verification methodology for highly parametrizable, continuously operating, safety-critical real-time systems implemented in FPGAs. [...]
2020 Fulltext (Preprint): PDF;
In : SAFECOMP 2020: Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security, Lisbon, Portugal, 15 - 18 Sep 2020, pp.67-81

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