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Science and Society in a CERN perspective

CERN in the World of Multilateral Diplomacy / Glück, Maëlys ; Poveromo, Luc Léon André ; Figueroa Ramirez, José Octavio
This podcast was an Applied Research Seminar assignment (academic year 2019-2020) given to three master students in International History of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva: Maëlys Glück, Luc Léon André Poveromo and José Octavio Figueroa Ramirez. The instructor of the Seminar was Professor Davide Rodogno. [...]
[s.l.] : [s.n.], 2020 - Duration: 8:23. Podcast (.mp3 file): MP3; Podcast content: DOCX;

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CERN: sixty years of science for peace and development - Celebrating CERN’s 60th anniversary : Report on the meeting that took place on 20 October 2014 at the United Nations Headquarters, New York / Bona, Maurizio ; Schaeffer, Anaïs (ed.)
[s.l.] : [s.n.], 2017 - 17 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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XIIe Rencontres du Vietnam: Fundamental science and society : Report on the two-day conference that took place on 7 - 8 July 2016 at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), Quy Nhơn, Bình Định, Vietnam. / Schaeffer, Anaïs ; Schopper, Herwig ; Spiro, Michel ; Bona, Maurizio
[s.l.] : [s.n.], 2017 - 24 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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The CERN model, United Nations and global public goods: addressing global challenges : Report on the symposium that took place on 2 November 2015 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva / Schaeffer, Anaïs ; Schopper, Herwig ; Spiro, Michel ; Bona, Maurizio
[s.l.] : [s.n.], 2017 - 23 p. Fulltext: PDF;

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Report on the impacts of large research infrastructures on economic innovation and on society : Case studies at CERN
This report is an examination of some of the economic and societal impacts of a well-known international high-energy physics infrastructure: the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN, with special emphasis on its latest and most prominent scientific installation, the Large Hadron Collider [...]
Paris : OECD, 2014. - 78 p.

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