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Title Influence of the substrate coating temperature on the vacuum properties of Ti-Zr-V non-evaporable getter films
Author(s) Costa-Pinto, P ; Benvenuti, Cristoforo ; Chiggiato, P ; Prodromides, A E ; Ruzinov, V
Affiliation (CERN)
In: Vacuum 71 (2003) 307-315
DOI 10.1016/S0042-207X(02)00755-8
Subject category Engineering
Abstract Non-evaporable thin film getters of various compositions have been produced by sputtering. Among about 20 materials which have been studied, the lowest activation temperature (about 180 degree C) has been displayed by a Ti-Zr-V coating obtained from a cathode made of intertwisted elemental wires. In order to optimize the vacuum properties of this film various production parameters, including the substrate temperature during coating, have been varied. The films have been characterized by pumping speed measurement, secondary electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction. It has been found that the substrate coating temperature affects significantly the activation temperature, the pumping speed and the gas surface capacity. The highest pumping speed values, obtained for substrate coating temperatures of 250 degree C and 300 degree C, are clearly correlated with the increased surface roughness and porosity of the Ti-Zr-V film.

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