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Title Further results from the UA5 Collaboration at the SPS collider
Author(s) Mulkens, H (Free Univ of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium)
In: 5th International Conference on Particle Physics : Novel Results in Particle Physics, Nashville, TN, USA, 22 - 24 May 1982, pp.364-74
Subject category Particle Physics - Phenomenology
Accelerator/Facility, Experiment CERN SPS ; UA5
Abstract A summary of physics results obtained so far by the UA5 Collaboration from the analysis of the first p-p events recorded at \sqrt{s} =540 GeV at the CERN SPS Collider is presented. This includes pseudo- rapidity distribution, multiplicity distribution and pseudo-rapidity correlations for charged particles; pseudo-rapidity distribution and multiplicity distribution for photons; rapidity distribution and multiplicity distributions for strange particles in the central region and search for Centauro-like phenomena.

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