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Open Days Guide: CERN, for a better life
Guide des portes ouvertes : le CERN améliore notre quotiden
/ CERN Bulletin
At times, CERN research can seem rather “out there”. After all, how can this work possibly relate to daily life? So, let’s bring it back down to Earth with some real-life examples of CERN technology in action. [...]
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Open Days Guide for the CERN-savvy
Guide des portes ouvertes pour les Cernois futés
/ Katarina Anthony
Do you think you know your Laboratory? Been there, done that? Well then prepare to be proven wrong! The CERN sites are hosting some spectacular tours, demonstrations and events to surprise even the most well-versed of CERNois. Take a look. [...]
BUL-NA-2013-203.- 2013 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 40/2013 41/2013 Fulltext: LEIR_image - JPG; IMG_6532_image - JPG; OpenDays2013-2_image - JPG;
Ideas that break through
Des idées novatrices
/ Antonella Del Rosso
The EU-cofunded project ULICE (Union of Light Ion Centres in Europe) was launched in 2009 in response to the need to share clinical experience in hadron therapy treatment in Europe and knowledge of the associated complex technical aspects. After four successful years of activity the project is now over but the “transnational access” idea will survive thanks to an extension granted by the European Commission. [...]
BUL-NA-2013-180.- 2013 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 36/2013 37/2013 Fulltext: JPG;
Open Days Guide: Kids invade CERN!
Guide des portes ouvertes : les enfants envahissent le CERN !
/ Katarina Anthony
Keep the whole family entertained with this mix of zany activities, performances and visits.   ATLAS Adventures Using the building blocks of the Universe – LEGO, of course – kids will be invited to make their own model of the ATLAS experiment. [...]
BUL-NA-2013-202.- 2013 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 40/2013 41/2013 Fulltext: CMS_image - JPG; funwithphysics_image - JPG; Alice_image - JPG; vacuum_image - JPG; atlas_image - JPG; workshop_image - JPG; safety_image - JPG; otherareas_image - JPG; cernland_image - JPG; transport_image - JPG;
A Monte Carlo code for ion beam therapy
Un code Monte-Carlo pour la thérapie par les ions
/ Anaïs Schaeffer
Initially developed for applications in detector and accelerator physics, the modern Fluka Monte Carlo code is now used in many different areas of nuclear science. Over the last 25 years, the code has evolved to include new features, such as ion beam simulations. [...]
BUL-NA-2012-170.- 2012 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 20/2012 21/2012 Fulltext: JPG;
Do you believe in phantoms?
Croyez-vous aux fantômes ?
/ Rosaria Marraffino
“Phantoms” are tools that simulate a therapy’s response by mimicking the conditions of the human body. They are required in hadron therapy in order to optimise and verify the therapy before performing it on the patient. [...]
BUL-NA-2015-025.- 2015 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 08/2015 09/2015 Fulltext: JPG;
Hadron therapy takes off in Europe
L’hadronthérapie prend son envol en Europe
/ CERN Bulletin
A joint meeting of ULICE, ENLIGHT and PARTNER recently took place in Marburg (Germany). The three initiatives are shaping both the present and the future of hadron therapy in Europe, where new cutting-edge facilities have started to fight cancer with beams of protons and carbon ions [...]
BUL-NA-2011-235.- 2011 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 39/2011 40/2011 Fulltext: 6 GrafikRasterscanVerfahren-1_image - JPG; _DSC9757_1_image - JPG; 1106240_04-A4-at-144-dpi_image - JPG;
The MedAustron project: an example of large-scale technology transfer
Le projet MedAustron : un exemple de transfert de technologies à grande échelle
/ Antonella Del Rosso & Michael Benedikt
In January this year, CERN’s Director-General Rolf Heuer handed over the first ion source to the MedAustron therapy centre in the town of Wiener Neustadt in the presence of the Austrian authorities. This milestone marks the beginning of the transition from the development and design phase to the commissioning of the new facility. [...]
BUL-NA-2013-050.- 2013 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 12/2013 13/2013 14/2013 Fulltext: MedAustron3_image - JPG; MedAustron_Bis_image - JPG JPG JPG (.BIN) JPG (.BIN) (.BIN); Medaustron_image - JPG JPG JPG (.BIN) JPG (.BIN) (.BIN); Medaustron2_image - JPG JPG JPG (.BIN) JPG (.BIN) (.BIN);
Talk | The impact of fundamental Physics on Medicine by Ugo Amaldi | 10 April
Conférence | La physique fondamentale et ses retombées en médecine par Ugo Amaldi | 10 avril
The impact of fundamental Physics on Medicine, by Ugo Amaldi, TERA Foundation and Technische Universität München.   Thursday 10 April 2014, at 7.30 p.m [...]
BUL-EV-2014-024.- 2014 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 14/2014 15/2014 Fulltext: Amaldi_image - JPG; Conferences-FR_image - JPG; Conferences-EN_image - JPG;
PARTNER’s farewell
PARTNER fait ses adieux
/ Antonella Del Rosso
PARTNER, the Particle Training Network for European Radiotherapy, was launched in 2008 with the support of the European Commission. Its scope was to train young researchers in hadron therapy and, in doing so, aid the battle against cancer [...]
BUL-NA-2012-305.- 2012 - Published in : CERN Bulletin 39/2012 40/2012 Fulltext: JPG;

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